Vinyl Flooring Outlets

Finding your best vinyl flooring solutions

The Home Depot


While vinyls have been a flooring option for many years, it is only in recent years that the category has seen improvements in quality that makes it a real option for mid-tier buyers.

The materials and technology used in the manufacture of these products have resulted in a very solid, long-lasting  flooring option. 

Scuff and scratch resistance have improved, particularly in what is referred to as the luxury vinyl plank flooring genre, making this a very competitive option for residential and commercial buyers.

 Check out their offerings here. 




Lowe's offers a line of luxury vinyl planks as well, with offerings by Shaw, SMARTCORE, Stainmaster and Armstrong. Lowe's is the exclusive distributor for the SMARTCORE product in vinyls.

SMARTCORE is a no-adhesive install as well, with a patent-pending design to extend product life and look. 

Lowe's lines run between $1.25-$3.50ish, with the SMARTCORE running on the higher side.

Regional Players


Aside from the big box players, there are a number of regional home center outlets, such as Menards (300 Central US outlets), Sutherlands (50 is outlets), and even Tru Value Hardware.

Of these, Menards seems to carry the most extensive line and name manuafacturers in vinyl plank flooring, and all with competitive pricing.Then there are the many flooring outlets that deal exclusively in flooring, tending to higher quality product, with relatively higher pricing. 

 Check out Menards offerings here.