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While vinyls have been a flooring option for many years, it is only in recent years that the category has seen improvements in quality that makes it a real option for mid-tier buyers.

The materials and technology used in the manufacture of these products have resulted in a very solid, long-lasting resilient flooring option. 

Scuff and scratch resistance have improved, particularly in what is referred to as the luxury vinyl plank flooring genre, making this a very competitive option for residential and commercial buyers.



The other aspect of the luxury vinyls is the options in terms of appearance and texture. Numerous manufacturers now produce solid quality wood and stone-like designs, which makes for an attractive array of options for buyers.

One other aspect of these products is the texture variations that are now possible. Realistic looking wood grains and stone surfaces are to be found across price points.

In sum, you now have another option to get the beautiful wood and stone look and feel without using, well, wood and stone.



Of course, this resilience and beauty comes at a cost, but not the equivalent costs associated with wood and stone flooring options.

While costs, and quality, of vinyl plank flooring vary considerably, they remain well-below equivalent quality wood and stone options.

This value gap increases when you consider that installation costs tend to be lower than stone, ceramic or non-laminate wood flooring.

When all is said and done, you have a great looking floor with up to 20 years or longer warranties attached, all in a vinyl. 

The basics of vinyl plank flooring alternatives.